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Ignite Technologies helps organizations Ignite Better Business Performance by providing
business applications and tools to make their workforce more capable and more committed.

Video Content Delivery

Ignite provides the industry’s most secure and scalable Content Delivery Solution, enabling leaders to connect with any member of your workforce with comprehensive security, targeting, tracking, and reporting. Ignite’s patented delivery technology gets your message delivered faster and more reliably, without taxing your network.

  • Content Delivery Solution
  • Live Broadcast
  • Media Portal


Human Capital Management

Manage and organize your global workforce with a flexible and scalable set of Human Capital Management applications. Ignite’s NuView HCM products boost HR and manager productivity, streamlining workflows and automating your critical people management processes.

  • Core HRMS
  • Talent Management
  • Payroll



Profitability and Cost Management

Ignite’s Acorn solution helps you measure and manage the cost and profit drivers of any segment of your business. The Acorn Profitability and Cost Management solutions combine cost modeling, general ledger data integration, profit calculation and flexible reporting into a complete solution for guiding better business decision-making.

  • Performance Analyzer
  • Shared Services Manager


Data Integration and Transformation

The explosion of data collection has elevated the need for robust data integration and Ignite’s ETI solution is the answer. ETI helps you solve high-volume, high-complexity data integration and transformation challenges that impede successful application optimization.

  • ETI Solution


Application Development Platforms

Having access to tools that are the foundation of great applications is something Ignite is truly passionate about. From an object-oriented database management system to a powerful expert system, organizations that demand speed, intelligence and reliability from the applications that matter to their business look to Ignite.

  • Gensym G2
  • ObjectStore