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Ignite provides the industry's most secure and scalable Enterprise Content Delivery Solution, enabling customers to efficiently publish, deliver, and manage digital assets-from rich media content for training and communications to software patches and virus updates-to anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Ignite's patented Enterprise Content Delivery Solution overcomes network and connectivity constraints that have limited the ability to reach online audiences with the highest quality, secure rich media. Ignite's Solution has been deployed across hundreds of thousands of users around the globe.

With Ignite's solution, organizations can fundamentally change the economics of communicating with their employees, partners, and customers. By leveraging Ignite's solution, organizations have effectively deployed a unique, secure "Private Broadcast Network" to deliver any type of content, including full-screen, HD-quality video and other multi-media, high-impact communications.

In summary, Ignite enables your content to reach any audience around the globe with comprehensive security, targeting, tracking, and reporting. We work with industry leaders such as Accenture, Bank of America, Canon, Cushman & Wakefield and many more to deliver on initiatives, including distributing rich-media corporate communications, expanding training and education programs, ensuring security and compliance, and connecting with customers and partners through eCommerce applications.