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Now you can provide the same engaging viewing experience that today's employees have come to expect from other social media sites. Ignite's Media Portal unites key social media features with a secure, web-based portal to let users easily upload, watch and share rich media content across the entire enterprise.  Connect your employees, customers, and partners through internal collaboration and an easily accessible external communication network. Click on the icon to view the datasheet, product comparison or contact us form.                          

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Features and Benefits of Ignite's Media Portal:

  • Securely share the right content with the right people - videos, live webcasts, documents
  • Accessible from any device - PCs, tablets, smartphones
  • Network efficient delivery regardless of location and connection
  • Adaptive playback provides an optimal viewing experience
  • Social features let you rate, comment, and subscribe to content
  • Control who can upload and view content, and what social features are allowed
  • Extensive reporting captures all relevant statistics, such as view rates and most popular
  • Customized branding with your company's logo and colors