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Bring all your Data Together to Gain Access and Increase Effectiveness across HR, Managers, Employees and Senior Leadership

Speed in managing HR data is the key to success. Organizations desperately try to reduce precious time spent on tracking and managing this data. Eliminating administrative tasks and standardizing processes drives efficiency and allows for the execution of business strategies. How can we improve our productivity and bottom line without losing track of our data? How can the HR departments get more control and flexibility while giving more access and capabilities to managers, employees and leadership?

As part of Ignite’s NuView Human Capital Management suite, the core Human Resource Management System (HRMS) is a web-native single sign-on system that simplifies the collection and management of your people data and standardizes key processes of your organization. Our system aggregates all of your employee data into a single system of record giving you maximum visibility of information (human resource metrics). With all employee data centralized, you are empowered to utilize HR reporting and existing functionality within the tool to drive right decision.


Succession Management
HR Reporting and Metrics
Notifications and Workflows
Training Administration
Employee and Manager Self Service

Succession Management

Do you have a proactive system in place or you just react to changes?

In today’s competitive market it’s critical for your organization to have the right resources. More vital though is being able to identify and prepare future leaders and managers that will fill key organizational roles. Our Succession Management tool helps you identify, prepare and develop future leaders and managers and define backup candidates for key positions within your organization.

Plan for the Future

Our HR management system was built to provide you the right HR succession planning tools:

  • Organizational Chart
  • Identify Backup Candidates
  • Competency & Gap Analysis
  • “What-if” Modeling
  • Employee Development Plans
  • Employee and Organizational Nine Box displays
  • Automatically update Employee skills for current job and position
  • Automatically update Employee Training skills after completing training
  • Automatically build Employee Career Path (Jobs)
  • Quickly and easily obtain Assigned Back up Positions and rating

HR Reporting and Metrics

Do you access your current and historical information quickly and easily in order to get the clear picture of your company’s status?

Our tools provide more than one hundred standard reports, including compliance reports (EEO, VETS, OSHA), to help manage people, process and strategy throughout the enterprise. Our Query Designer offers three convenient methods of queries:

  • Common (standard) queries
  • Native language queries
  • Direct SQL queries

that can be applied to your:

  • Ad hoc reports
  • Letters
  • Emails & other lookups

Ad hoc reports may include any field within the database, including fields and tables that are unique to your organization.

Getting Started

It doesn’t matter whether you are a novice or an advanced technical user. Ignite’s NuView Reporting and Metrics tool makes sure that you easily access and run reports on demand as well as include any data within the system. Our experience with a diverse client base has resulted in developing useful reports that assist you and drive your vital decisions. These reports can be modified to meet your exact needs.

Your Information, Your way

Have complete control of current and historical information by creating your own ad hoc reports with the Report Writer. All data fields, including unique fields, can be included in your reports. We make it easy to:

  • Develop queries/filters against the data so that only the desired subset of information is reported
  • Transport all queries into popular programs such as Word and Excel
  • Make use of standard queries or various advanced SQL statements
  • Automate your queries in your native language
  • Select a field right from the displayed form – so that you see the field “in context” ensuring that the desired field is included.


  • Point-in-time HR reporting with unlimited history
  • Security extends to reports and exports
  • Copy and modify or create new reports
  • Select fields ”in context” from displayed form

Notifications and Workflows

Can’t get enough automation in your Payroll processes?

Ignite’s NuView HRMS utilizes both standard and user-defined workflows and wizards for all business processes, making use of Manager and Employee Self-Service to initiate or approve items to keep internal processes flowing. Many of these HR workflow software tasks can be approved by on-the-go Managers using their Blackberry, iPhone or Windows Mobile device.


  • Enhanced productivity through human resource automation
  • Faster, more accurate transaction processing
  • Low cost to collect and deliver HR services within the enterprise
  • Optimized technology platform
  • Bottom line efficiency and profitability

Training Administration

Does your workforce obtain the necessary skills for success? Do you invest in your employees?

Employee learning and development is a key component for continued company success. Our Training Administration tool tracks your company’s developmental needs domestically and globally to ensure that your employees have the necessary skill sets for long term success.

Training Administration enables you to:

  • Maintain Course Catalog
  • Manage Curriculums
  • Manage Classes
  • Built-in Workflows
  • Perform Mass/Individual Enrollments
  • Track Certificates & Course Credits
  • Define Prerequisites
  • Manage Training Metrics

Simultaneously, Training Administration produces a continuous stream of notification emails and letters, highlights scheduling conflicts, produces wait lists and helps process evaluations, for both internal and external training classes.

Training Administration software also tracks course credits, new skills and levels attained, as well as licenses and certifications earned.

Training costs are also maintained for budgeting purposes, as well as ROI analysis.

Employee and Manager Self Service

Does your workforce have the ability to update and maintain its own information?

Our role based Portals give employees and managers the power to access HR & Payroll information anytime, from anywhere using internet browsers. Cut down your managers’ workload and put your employees in charge of their own data.

Employee Self-Service

Ignite’s NuView Core HRMS module provides portal capability for employees to access information, as well as perform certain actions, such as request a day off, perform a self-evaluation, enter time sheet data, forms download/distribution, enroll in classes, etc. The information may be view only, or may be updated as determined by the security settings in the application during rollout.

Documents such as W-4 changes, Internet usage policy, company handbook and claim forms, as well as links to benefit providers, are easily distributed to employees and managers through these HR Self-Service options:

  • Benefit Open Enrollment
  • Life Event Changes
  • Total Benefit Statements
  • PTO/Time Off Requests
  • Performance Evaluation (Self Review)
  • Timesheet (Hours or Exceptions)
  • Enroll in Training Classes
  • Personal Links
  • Company & Personal Links
  • Employees have access to Trace Pending Requests (Authorizations)

Manager Self-Service

With our product, managers are able to review and authorize items submitted by their direct reports (i.e. time sheets), perform employee performance reviews, manage the compensation process, initiate transfers, salary increases or bonuses, open requisitions, approve time off requests, and manage training requests, among other items.

Any form (standard or user defined) can be made available within the Self-Service portals, displayed in the language linked to the user’s profile and login.

  • Enter/Begin Requisitions
  • Promotion & Salary Changes
  • Approve PTO Requests
  • Employee Evaluations
  • Approve Timesheets
  • Review Department Reports
  • Company & Personal Links
  • Employees have access to Trace Pending Requests (Authorizations)
  • Role-based Metrics & Reports
  • PTO/Time Off Requests
  • Timesheet (Hours or Exceptions)
  • Enroll in Training Classes
  • Personal Links


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