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Scalable Big Data Analytics

Ignite’s Infobright DB powers applications to perform interactive, complex queries resulting in better, faster business decisions. It is a high performance, scalable solution for storing and analyzing large volumes of machine-generated data at a lower cost and significantly less administrative effort than other database solutions.

High Performance Data Analytics for Better, Faster Business Decisions at a Low Cost

Powered by our innovative Knowledge Grid architecture, Infobright DB is easy to implement and manage — helping you get the answers your business users need at a price you can afford.

  • High Performance: Sub second response times for complex ad-hoc queries
  • Scalable: Load terabytes of data per hour and scale to petabytes of data
  • Low Cost High ROI: No need for complex hardware and storage infrastructure
  • Load and Go: Infobright DB doesn’t require data partitioning, tuning or index creation — just load and go with your existing schemas


Infobright DB Overview

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Infobright DB delivers Polystar the capability to access data immediately to its customers.


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Ignite's Infobright DB-Architecture Overview

Read how Ignite's Infobright DB is architected and the benefits it delivers to enterprises, ISVs and technology providers.

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