Laser Focused on
100% Customer Success

Our lead focus at Ignite is customer success. But what does “customer success” really mean? It means that we work methodically and tirelessly to ensure our customers achieve the outcome they set out to achieve when they invested in our solution. Customer success is a step beyond customer satisfaction as it has defined goals and specific measures on achievement. The most important measure from the Ignite perspective is 100% as our objective is to make all of our customers truly successful in their relationship with us.

The Customer Success Program is the process we use to realize our goal of 100% Customer Success.

The program itself is simple. Our CEO, your executive sponsor, or your Account Manager speaks with you formally once every six months on the topic of your success. During these calls or meetings, we reaffirm our understanding of your success objectives, review progress and establish measurable actions.

Through this process, we stay laser focused on what matters most to each customer.

Starwood Gains Speed and Flexibility Using ObjectStore’s In-Memory Capabilities

"The pricing and room availability information presented to our customers in the end equates to billions of dollars of revenue to our company. It all starts with a foundational piece of our system that has to be performance centric, consistent and resilient - a cash register of sorts. That is ObjectStore."

Tom Seremet
Director of Availability Technologies
Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide

When you see a Starwood brand on any travel website, that price and room availability originates from the Starwood Availability Engine. The demand on that system is significant. Starwood needed to optimize their ability to quickly quote hotel availability and pricing without impacting the rest of their system. Read more to learn how with the help of ObjectStore’s in-memory capabilities, Starwood gained speed and flexibility through the software development life-cycle, and the ability to architect or re-architect portions of the system on the changing needs of the outside environment or internal development initiatives.

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HelloWorld uses Ignite's Inforbright DB to Manage all Data, as well as Enable Fast, Flexible Analytics for Customers and Internal Analysts

HelloWorld turned to Ignite’s Infobright DB as the analytic and storage engine for all the data streaming into their platform. Read more to learn how with Infobright DB, HelloWorld offers their customers analytic capabilities that are far ahead of what competitors offer in terms of speed and flexibility.

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Delta Air Lines “Caches In” on the Benefits of Ignite’s ObjectStore Solution

"With ObjectStore at the core of our mission critical reroute application for more than a decade, Delta is leading the skies in efficient rerouting and all of the benefits that come from it."

Darrell Haskin
Director, Information Technology
Delta Airlines

Rerouting crew members during irregular operations is a daunting task for any airline due to the significant amount of data that needs to be analyzed and acted upon. More than a decade ago, Delta uncovered a major opportunity to improve this mission critical operation. Learn how they are using Ignite’s ObjectStore to quickly reroute crew members during unforeseen weather, mechanical and other challenges — and ultimately improve the customer experience.

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Ignite's ScaleArc Solution Helps Dell Achieve Zero Downtime on

In preparation for Black Friday 2013, the operations team supporting sought a solution that could handle the onslaught of consumer web traffic while maintaining high availability and performance. In particular, the team was eager to increase the uptime, scalability, and throughput of the SQL Server deployment supporting the website.

Read more to learn why after discussing with Microsoft alternatives for Availability Groups using DNS, the operations team turned to Ignite's ScaleArc database load balancing software. 

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Microsoft Calls On Ignite's ScaleArc Solution to Ensure the Continuous Availability and Performance of its Premier Community Website

As part of the company’s “Get Current/Stay Current” initiative, Microsoft’s IT organization planned to upgrade its underlying database infrastructure for from SQL Server 2008 to SQL Server 2014. At the same time, the organization’s server hardware was approaching end of life, so the team decided the timing was right to move to a virtualized environment. Learn why they chose Ignite's ScaleArc database load balancing software.

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Dun & Bradstreet Uses Ignite's FirstRain Solution to Provide Real-time, Relevant Web and Social Analytics to Customers Via D&B Apps

Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) grows the most valuable relationships in business by uncovering truth and meaning from data. An increasing challenge for the D&B team was to take social and web data (which is unstructured), structure it in a way that is meaningful to their customers, and merge it with the data that D&B already has so that it could provide very actionable insights. Read more to learn how D&B's customers are now receiving up-to-the-minute insights on prospects, customers, competitors and key markets by leveraging the FirstRain technology platform. 

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Big Lots Uses Ignite’s Placeable® Solutions to Maximize Their SEO Impact and Improve the Online Experience for Their Customers

Big Lots already had basic search and results pages, but they wanted detailed landing pages for each store location. Read more to learn how Ignite’s Placeable team created local landing pages for each of their 1400+ locations to maximize their SEO impact and improve the online experience for their customers.

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How Social Tables Captures New Revenue Opportunities with Ignite's Infer® Solutions

Social Tables is a cloud-based event management software that helps venues and event planners work more collaboratively together. When the company looked to expand its business last year, the marketing team added more passive channels to drive new inquiries at the top of the funnel. They hit gold with content marketing and were soon inundated with 6,000 new leads per month, creating an enviable “champagne problem” — how to manage this high lead volume. Read more to learn how Social Tables used Ignite's Infer solutions to uncover new revenue and expansion opportunities that increased its monthly opportunity pipeline by$500K and overall revenue by 7%.

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Polystar: Using Infobright DB’s Analytics Engine to Power Real-time Insight to Improve Revenues and Reduce Churn

Polystar is the premier supplier of service assurance, network monitoring and test solutions to leading telecom operators around the globe. The company delivers turnkey, end-to-end solutions from data capture to business analytics that give immediate value to network operators both on the operation and on the marketing side.

Learn how Polystar uses Ignite's Infobright DB to provide its customers real-time investigative analytics so they can discover actionable business insight to improve product development, marketing campaigns, customer support resolution and SLA root cause monitoring.

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CommunityAmerica Credit Union: Customer First Profitability

CommunityAmerica Credit Union (CACU) embarked on a profitability initiative to better manage costs and measure customer (member) profitability as the basis for organizational measurement and to support relationship pricing. The credit union had implemented funds transfer pricing concepts along with E-Risk credit management systems, allowing them to understand margin and credit risk by customer. Read more to learn how they used created a new performance measurement system using Performance Analyzer™ from Ignite’s Acorn Cost Management Product Suite and began immediately saving $3-4 million annually.

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Network Security Leader SonicWall Embeds Infobright DB For Fast Analysis of Massive Volumes of Log Data

Infobright DB delivers a database capable of delivering significantly faster queries and analysis of log data which enabled custom reports to be generated in real-time and on demand. Read more to learn how Infobright DB helps SonicWall customers monitor and troubleshoot security infrastructure in real-time.



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Société Générale: Reduces Application Development Time by Half

Like other international banks, Société Générale works with massive data transfers every minute. Hundreds of translations must be regularly synchronized without incident between host computers and other existing databases in several programming languages. To meet this challenge, the company turned to Ignite’s ETI Data Integration and Transformation solution and reduced their application development time by half.

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BakerHostetler: The Right Choice

BakerHostetler is constantly looking for ways to improve management of its complex benefits structure and various unique elements of the legal industry. They needed a HR system that was configurable and had a self-service portal with a user-friendly feel and easily reportable data. Learn how Ignite helped them prioritize ease of configuration in HRMS.

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Dalkia Keeps Energy Efficient with Gensym

"Dalkia's recent growth has been amazing, and with G2 Enterprise we are in a position to provide the high level of service ours customers deserve. Optimization of our application built on G2 will allow us to reach new heights globally."

Phillippe Maine
Group Business Solutions Manager

In October 2015, Ignite began a partnership with Gensym Corporation which allows Ignite to offer Gensym’s popular G2 software as part of its Application Development Platforms category. Gensym is a leading provider of rule engine software and services for mission-critical solutions that automate decisions in real time.

Dalkia Groupe EDF, a subsidiary of Veolia Environment and Electricité de France (EDF), is a global leader in energy services. The company takes seriously its focus on providing innovative solutions to support the sustainable growth of cities and businesses. In an era of climate change, volatile energy prices and scarce resources, Dalkia offers customers its expertise in developing, constructing and operating greener and more economical energy solutions. With its recent growth came a challenge and Dalkia reached out to Gensym for help. Read more to learn how by implementing G2 Enterprise and evaluating all the ways the Dalkia expert system could be improved, Gensym was able to significantly improve loading time and substantially reduce downtime.

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Integral Ad Science Selects Infobright DB as its Analytic Platform to Perform Fast Ad Hoc Analysis of Online Advertising Campaigns

Integral Ad Science is a global technology and data company that empowers the ad industry to effectively influence consumers everywhere, on every device. Learn why they selected Ignite's Infobright DB as their analytic platform to enable clients – including publishers, advertisers, networks and agencies – to perform fast ad hoc analysis of online advertising campaigns.

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Cushman & Wakefield: A Corporate Communication Success Story

Cushman & Wakefield branded Ignite as CWTV providing TV-quality video to its employees anywhere, over any network topology, without bandwidth or network capacity concerns.

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Lombard Odier Saves Hours Every Day with Ignite’s ObjectStore Solution

"ObjectStore has contributed to our continued leadership by allowing us to know more and do more for our clients in seconds, instead of minutes or even hours."

Christophe Gabriel
Chief Information Officer
Lombard Odier

Lombard Odier needed a more interactive solution that allowed users the ability to quickly calculate any indicator over any portfolio at any time. Using Ignite’s ObjectStore, they built a portfolio management system that allows portfolio managers to better and more quickly analyze a portfolio (or a group of portfolios) in real time across different axes, and make rapid, educated decisions to improve the performance of their clients. Read more to learn how they assemble thousands of portfolios in real-time, calculating and re-calculating what will make the most sense for individual clients and an entire book of business.

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High Frequency Data at the Geneva Finance Research Institute

Aggregation and decimation are two conceptually simple yet powerful techniques for reducing and transforming massive volumes. Learn how Infobright DB helped the University of Geneva enable the manipulation of data in tables with up to 44 billion records.

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ADM: An Engaging Video Experience Delivered Worldwide

The Ignite Enterprise Live Streaming solution enabled ADM’s executives to personally present live to 29,000 global employees and provide an opportunity for employees to interact with management during the event via Q&A.

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Efficient Data Analytics in a Cohesive Environment

Learn how Impact Radius utilizes Ignite's Infobright DB to provide customers with sub-second query response times to analyze the effectiveness of digital campaigns and marketing spend while scaling horizontally with their MPP configuration. 

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Prezi Leverages Ignite's Infer® Solution to Scale Sales and Marketing Workflows

Learn how Prezi, a rapidly growing visual presentation platform, leverages predictive intelligence from Ignite’s Infer to help find ideal business customers amongst its community of over 85 million individual users around the world.

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For Optimal Performance, ClassiX Software GmbH Chooses Ignite’s ObjectStore Solution

"For flexible, powerful object-oriented database application development, there is no better partner for us than ObjectStore."

Stefan Brenner
General Manager
ClassiX GmbH

ClassiX Software needed a flexible object-oriented database management system for their products. Learn why Ignite’s ObjectStore true in-memory database was the best solution to meet the company’s needs.

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Mental Health Center of Denver: A True Partnership for a Total Solution

Mental Health Center of Denver needed a strategic HR and payroll solution that was configurable, easy to use, and affordable. Read more about how Ignite’s advanced HRMS technology, top-notch customer service and flexibility in one solitary platform became the perfect solution.

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Ignite's Infobright DB Enables Telco OEM to Cost-Effectively Manage Large Volumes of SMS Data

Mavenir Systems provides innovative mobile convergence solutions that enable mobile operators to offer subscribers new and enhanced services and applications. Learn how they used Ignite's Infobright DB to cost-effectively manage large volumes of SMS data.

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Aleph5’s G2-Based Solution Cuts Glass and Waste in the Glass Manufacturing Process

"We've worked with countless other solutions, but we keep going back to G2 because it continues to make our life easier and our clients' outcomes more successful. The cost savings associated with G2 implementations are simply incomparable versus other options that exist today."

Ricardo Pacheco
Technology Director

In October 2015, Ignite began a partnership with Gensym Corporation which allows Ignite to offer Gensym’s popular G2 software as part of its Application Development Platforms category. Gensym is a leading provider of rule engine software and services for mission-critical solutions that automate decisions in real time.

Aleph5 creates and implements mathematical solutions for complex and multidimensional problems in many industries. While the company has evaluated and used many solutions over time, they’ve been big believers in Gensym for over two decades – stating G2’s rich modeling environment and ability to handle simulations, rules, neural networks, and heuristics that sets the software apart from even some of the most “revolutionary” newcomers. Download the case study to learn more about how Aleph5 used G2 to create an integrated optimization model that would make non-typical business decisions based on variable parameters.

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Geosyntec Consultants: A Complete Solution for Global Needs

Geosyntec’s existing HRMS system needed to be replaced due to significant technological problems that were fragmented as well as grave concerns internally regarding the stability of the system. They sought an enhanced, flexible replacement that was maintainable, upgradeable, functional, easy-to-use and affordable. Read more to learn how Ignite’s NuView Core HRMS helped Geosyntec streamline many HR processes and move forward on several initiatives.

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OnProcess Technology: A Solid Upgrade Experience

"The process was smooth, the project plan was well laid out, the testing really proved to be very simple, very easy, not problematic. The staff was very attentive throughout the entire process. I would strongly encourage anyone contemplating to upgrade to a new application to really have no fear in the process. Ignite makes it painless."

Rick Lunetta
Senior Vice President, Global Human Resources
OnProcess Technology