Ignite Technologies Announces General Availability of Gensym G2 2015 Standard and Enterprise Editions


AUSTIN, Texas — January 26, 2016 — Ignite Technologies, a growing enterprise software company delivering unique solutions to engage, align and empower a company’s workforce, today announced major editions of both Gensym G2 (G2 2015) Standard and Enterprise are now generally available. This marks the first major release since the partnership with Gensym Corporation which allows Ignite to offer Gensym’s G2 software as part of its Application Development Platforms category.

The new editions of G2 2015 are exponentially faster, mobile and cloud enabled and include an expanded platform.

G2 2015 Standard Edition:
  • Over 450 customer driven changes and feature enhancements since September 2011
  • Major memory management improvements (20+)
  • Significantly improved stability through abort minimization (60+)
G2 2015 Enterprise Edition: 
In addition to the above, the Gensym G2 Enterprise Edition features major benefits over the Standard Edition.
  • 64-bit support for greater scalability and resource utilization
  • Provision of unlimited G2 deployment instances and/or process authorizations for existing applications to achieve better scalability and faster, more performant G2 applications
  • Mobile and Cloud focus for new application development and deployment models
  • Free access to all G2 layered applications (MPC, CAT, NeurOn-Line, Optegrity, Integrity, SymCure, ReThink, Gensym Diagnostic Assistant) as well as new applications as they are developed

With G2, the world’s largest organizations in manufacturing, utilities, communications, transportation, aerospace, finance, and government maximize the agility of their businesses and achieve greater levels of performance. If you have any questions about this release or need further information to determine if this is the right version for you, please contact your account manager.