Gensym Corporation and Ignite Technologies Formalize Affiliation


AUSTIN, Texas — November 24, 2015 — Ignite Technologies, a growing enterprise software company that delivers unique business applications to ignite the power of a company’s workforce, today announced a formal affiliation with Gensym Corporation, makers of G2 software. Moving forward, Gensym will operate as an Ignite Technologies’ company and Ignite will have full access to sell, distribute and market Gensym solutions. G2 is a development platform that allows organizations to build and run real-time process and production control applications. With G2, the world’s largest organizations in manufacturing, utilities, communications, transportation, aerospace, finance, and government maximize the agility of their businesses and achieve greater levels of performance.

Davin Cushman, Ignite Technologies CEO, is excited about the benefits this affiliation can bring to both Ignite and Gensym. “For Gensym customers, they will immediately experience an expanded senior leadership team, new energy towards our 100% Customer Success goal, and have the ability to participate in the new Ignite Premier Access Program.” said Cushman. “For Ignite, our customers now have the opportunity to access a world-class expert system platform that users such as Dalkia rely on to help provide mission-critical energy services to businesses, universities and hospitals across the world.”

About Gensym
Founded in 1986, Gensym provides the leading real-time expert system development platform for building mission critical process control, production control and simulation applications in numerous industries. Gensym’s G2 software applies real-time rule technology for decisions that optimize operations and that detect, diagnose, and resolve costly problems. Gensym and its numerous partners deliver a range of services throughout the world, including training, software support, application consulting, and complete solutions. For more information on Gensym’s solutions, visit

About Ignite Technologies
Founded in 2000, Ignite is a privately-held company and a member of the ESW Capital group of companies. Ignite’s mission, since it was reinvented on the heels of an ownership and senior management change in 2013, is to help customers ignite the power of their workforce to ignite better business performance. Ignite operates with focus on a simple, lead objective — 100% Customer Success — which ensures success is measured through the achievements of customers. Ignite is headquartered in Austin, Texas. For more information on Ignite’s solutions, visit

About ESW Capital, LLC
Based in Austin, Texas, the ESW Capital group specifically focuses on buying, transforming, and running mature business software companies. By taking advantage of its unique operating platform, ESW revitalizes its acquisitions for sustainable success while making customer satisfaction a top priority. ESW and its affiliated companies have been in the enterprise software space since 1988, and the group includes notable brands such as Ignite Technologies, Trilogy, Aurea, and Versata. For more information, email