Starwood Hotels and Resorts Gains Speed and Flexibility Using Ignite’s ObjectStore


AUSTIN, Texas — February 16, 2016 — When you see a Starwood brand on any travel website, that price and room availability originates from the Starwood Availability Engine. The demand on that system is significant – imagine consumers, Starwood agents, and travel search engines all tapping the system worldwide for all of the Starwood brands.

Heavy workloads on Starwood’s Availability Engine, a key part of the overall Valhalla Central Reservation Service Oriented Engine stack, brought forth the need to separate and optimize the “read” capabilities for their availability quotation and pricing path. The challenge was doing this without impacting the rest of the internal systems. Separating the capabilities allowed for fault-tolerance, which is basically the ability to serve pricing information to consumers if outages occurred with other systems.

Starwood chose Ignite’s ObjectStore as the in-memory database to their Availability Engine, eliminating the need for an object-relational data access layer which dramatically simplified the code. The ObjectStore tool is focused on the developer, which allows for a holistic view on how a feature is developed with performance in mind from inception. The database portion of the product became simpler to manage with lightweight utilities allowing for a quick ramp time for operations management.

With the help of ObjectStore’s in-memory capabilities, the Starwood Availability Engine processes over 30 million quotation requests daily at sub-second response times, 1 million real time daily asynchronous updates from multiple sources and up to 600 Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) transactions per second in sustained volume accounting for 8 TB of pricing/availability data presented daily. Ultimately Starwood gained speed and flexibility through the software development life-cycle, and the ability to architect or re-architect portions of the system on the changing needs of the outside environment or internal development initiatives.

“The pricing and room availability information presented to our customers in the end equates to billions of dollars of revenue to our company,” said Tom Seremet, Director of Availability Technologies, Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide. “It all starts with a foundational piece of our system that has to be performance centric, consistent and resilient – a cash register of sorts. That is ObjectStore.”

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