“Ask Me Anything” Session Scheduled for NuView Customers


AUSTIN, Texas — March 21, 2016 — Last week Ignite Technologies hosted a Virtual Users Conference for customers of the NuView product line (click here to watch). The VUC was packed with great information such as changes in Professional Services paving the way with a great boutique partner, expanding our Premier Access program to include free license, deployment, and implementation for Ignite’s Media Portal, and an exciting demonstration of the upcoming HRMS Enterprise Edition. However, because there was so much content there was limited time left for Q&A, therefore a 30-minute ask me anything session has been scheduled for Thursday, March 24, 2016 at 11:30AM CDT to allow customers to ask additional questions.

The session will be hosted by:
  • Davin Cushman,  Chief Executive Officer
  • Meredith McGann,  Director, Customer Success
  • Ian Walters,  Director, Customer Support

The “ask me anything” session will be a video presentation by Davin, Meredith and Ian with two minutes of remarks and 28 minutes answering questions submitted during the session. Register now to attend this live event. There will be no recording, so don’t miss your chance to ask me anything whether it’s related to the VUC or not. No question is off limits!