First Quarter Virtual User Conference Announced for Users of NuView Products


AUSTIN, Texas — February 24, 2016 – Current customers utilizing Ignite’s NuView products are invited to join the March 15, 2016, live event. The event runs from 2pm-3pm Eastern Time.

Ignite CEO Davin Cushman and the Ignite team are eager to present a 2016 update on Ignite’s NuView business, including a review of our NuView Support and Consulting transformation, an expanded preview of the upcoming HRMS Enterprise Edition and an exciting change to our Premier Access Program that will be attractive to HR leaders charged with driving effective internal communications.

The agenda for the hour includes:

  • Support & Consulting Services Update
    • Progress from our first 90 days of in-sourced support
    • Immediate increase of HR functional expertise in consulting services
  • Free Access to Ignite’s Video Communications Portal
    • Demonstration of our Media Portal product, available free of charge in Premier Access
    • Launch of 100% free Media Portal installation and hosting services
  • Preview of the New HRMS Enterprise Edition
    • Preview of changes to enable 50% reduction in upgrade complexity
    • Walk through of first use cases for user interface reinvention

    If you did not receive a copy of the invitation in your inbox, please contact your account manager for registration information.