Activity-Based Costing and Profit Management

Obtain cost-to-serve customer insights for direct and indirect costs, and precisely attribute against products, customers, regions, business-units and facilities

Acorn Solutions

Acorn is an ABC (Activity-Based Costing) platform that distills and attributes costs of delivering products and services by building business-specific models which take into account nuances of account processes. With Acorn, you can also build datamarts (OLAP cubes) to deliver accurate and insightful financial analytics on any business dimension (e.g. product, customer, facility, region, SKU and more).

Measure, Manage and Improve Every Element of your Business

  • Clearly determine your profitable and unprofitable products and understand why
  • Access insights to help negotiate better terms with your suppliers and customers
  • Build reports and dashboards that drive profitable behavior across regions and facilities
  • Develop the right pricing strategy across products and services
  • Make accurate decisions relative to your inventory, stock and overall supply chain inputs

Services to Support Your Success

Support Services

Customer success is our #1 objective, and that’s why we’ve created the IgniteTech Customer Support Program. The Program offers three service tiers: Platinum, Gold and Standard. IgniteTech’s Platinum Support is the preferred option for our most active and demanding customers, as it contains the widest array of services and the highest prioritization for critical issue resolution.

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Consulting Services

Maximize the return on your investment with IgniteTech’s Acorn Consulting Services, an exclusive benefit for IgniteTech Platinum customers. From advisory and process consulting, through implementation and support, our team of industry experts will ensure you get superior value from your technology investment.

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