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We Buy Enterprise Software Companies

Ignite is a Business Unit (BU) of the ESW Capital Group based in Austin, Texas. ESW’s M&A team focuses on locating software companies for acquisition, and then after the transaction closes, ESW entrusts the acquired company to one of its BUs to manage and to focus on stabilizing and then strengthening the company for the newly acquired customer base. By taking advantage of ESW’s unique operating platform consisting of world-class, scalable Centralized services, we revitalize our acquisitions for sustainable success while making customer satisfaction a top priority.

ESW, and its affiliated companies, have been in the enterprise software space since 1988, and in addition to Ignite, the Group includes notable brands such as Aurea, Trilogy, Crossover and DevFactory.

Acquisition Priorities

Maximize Value for Current Customers. Focused on achieving 100% success as measured by our customers, post-close, we quickly work with the new customer base to restore confidence,  and maximizing customer value through innovative programs and enhanced support.

For example, Ignite’s revolutionary Prime Unlimited program offers truly-free, additional software solutions to all existing customers for the price of their existing license, and our global Services organizations provide a Platinum support option which features additional, and often newly-crafted, services included in the Platinum offering.

Strengthen the Business. Often, we find these software companies have been operating at a financial loss, and have become “trapped” due to technology, market or even talent misconfigurations. We look at the whole organization and restructure for profitability and long-term success.

Run the Business as Part of a Group, Forever. We believe keeping businesses part of our group ― and operating together ― is the path to success. We aren’t operating as a “fund” that buys and sells properties–we keep the software we acquire and support it as long as 1 customer needs it. It’s not a land grab for technology but rather a service to the customers who depend on these solutions.

Diversified Solutions Portfolio

The broad ESW portfolio includes SaaS and on-premise software, tech-enabled managed services, and pure IT consulting companies in North America and Europe.

We create competitive advantage

  • Proven business model > our customers love us because we provide stability and a future
  • Proven operating platform > cost structure advantages that ensures profitable operations to re-invest
  • Global footprint and breadth of offerings > service all corners of the globe with the widest range of solutions
  • Unique Prime Unlimited program > delivers truly free enterprise software to our customers
  • Revolutionary recruiting platform > ability to quickly spin-up global, world-class talent, 100% remote


Ignite Acquisition History

Our Target Acquisition Strategies

Since 1988, ESW Capital has been experts in enterprise software, and our acquisition strategy offers seller-friendly, all cash, high close deals. Check out the creative messaging our Think3 M&A division uses to speak to founders of software companies who need to or are wanting to, find a way out.

Transactions are quick and no-nonsense. In many cases 10 days to LOI, 45 days to close with no post-close contingencies. Our streamlined process focuses on simple metrics, and our valuation methodology overlooks unattractive growth rates and/or earnings history.

ESW Means Enterprise Software