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What to Look for in a Local Marketing Platform

So you’re looking to buy a local marketing platform. Let me guess, the whole process has left you feeling a bit overwhelmed. No doubt you’ve done your homework and researched the major providers. In fact, I’m willing to bet that you have a product checklist sitting in front of you. 

2017-04-13 19:07:54/

4 local marketing disruptions heading your way

With the rise of artificial intelligence, Big Data, and automation, most industries will experience major disruptions in the coming years. Local marketing is no exception. Here are four major local marketing disruptions heading your way.

2017-02-07 15:47:48/

Google My Business API 3.2: A Boon for Enterprise Brands

Yesterday Google released version 3.2 of the Google My Business API, and it's going to transform local marketing analytics for enterprise brands. Back in June, we wrote an article for Search Engine Land that detailed the major gaps in the Google My Business API, especially when it came to pulling page insights for individual locations.

2017-01-11 20:33:13/

[Search Engine Land] The Importance of Local Authenticity

In our post-truth world, few things are as important as establishing your brand’s local authenticity. But how? Brian Smith’s latest Search Engine Land article walks you through how national brands develop local authenticity. Find out what he has to say about cultivating reviews, participating in the community, and content personalization through automation.

2017-01-06 18:45:11/

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