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Why Your Franchisees May Not Be Looking Out For Your Brand Image

A brand's image is as good as gold. Where would Apple be today if it hadn't reshaped itself to be synonymous with cutting-edge, consumer technology? Rolex would be just another watchmaker without its luxury brand. Needless to say, companies need to protect their brand image at all costs.

2017-08-08 20:03:12/

Ranking on Google: A Checklist for the Retail Industry

With e-commerce increasingly cutting into the profits of brick-and-mortar locations, it’s critical for the retail industry to compensate by using Google to attract more customers to their stores. Find out how our latest Google checklist will help you rank for those coveted “near me” searches.

2017-03-23 21:07:39/

Ecommerce: the local marketing benefit you’re overlooking

People typically think of local marketing as a clicks-to-bricks endeavor, its sole purpose being to funnel online traffic to your brick-and-mortar locations. And let’s not kid ourselves. This is an incredibly important aspect of local marketing. It’s one of the key reasons a brand turns to a company like Placeable for help. However, an often overlooked benefit of local marketing is a boost to your ecommerce as well.

2017-02-22 20:29:17/

[Search Engine Land] The future of paid voice search

Last week, Amazon began considering the idea of introducing paid voice search to its Alexa devices. Whether Amazon moves forward with paid voice search today or tomorrow, one thing is certain: it’s coming.

2017-02-03 17:20:15/

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