Synoptos: A Look Ahead

High quality, relevant and timely information and insights are the lifeblood of all successful businesses, and Synoptos has positioned itself to completely disrupt the way information is delivered to key…

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8 Communication Rules for Virtual Teams

As we all know, good communication is the crux of a virtual team’s success—so it can be helpful to have a few short and sweet rules to keep yourself on…

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Remote Workers Are Disengaged. Let's Fix It.

Employee engagement was an issue long before our world and work were disrupted entirely. Is it likely to improve on its own as teams widely transition into unfamiliar distributed settings?…

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ENS Comparison Guide

What Is An Emergency Notification System? An emergency notification system (ENS) is a platform used during an emergency to quickly spread messages to subscribed users. An ENS delivers messages via…

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Emergency Notification Systems For Healthcare Organizations: Emergency Alerting Tips

As part of the new CMS Emergency Preparedness Rule, healthcare organizations need to be able to communicate with their personnel during an emergency. As part of their overall plan, many…

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Pandemic Communication

This collection of resources, curated by FEMA instructor Meg Nash, will help you understand the specific risks that pandemics present and give you the best practices, guidelines and templates you…

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Pandemic Preparedness

The word “pandemic” probably gets your heart racing – and for good reason. A pandemic can spread rapidly over large regions of the globe and result in millions of deaths.…

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