FirstRain: A Look Ahead

Over the last decade, we have invested to create the world’s leading Enterprise Performance Acceleration Platform. Coupled with this growth, we are carrying forward our vision for FirstRain, where we are helping you transform your B2B sales reps into well armed, selling machines. Playing the role of a Trusted Advisor, your reps will  have access to incredibly powerful tools and insights that will help them sell 40-50% faster, drive 6-10% higher retention rates and close bigger deals, all by having deeper relationships based on a true and authentic alignment with your sales priorities.

In order to help you achieve your objectives, as we work to advance the FirstRain platform, your Trusted Advisor sellers will have access via Ignite’s FirstRain solution to high quality, easy to digest information.  It can be leveraged to offer thoughtful, data-driven advice to the right person at the right time. We will accomplish this goal by implementing the following three powerful FirstRain panels:

    • Improved “Who to Call” Insights – FirstRain’s groundbreaking ability to sift through and analyze thousands of customer data points and insights allows the Trusted Advisors to filter out digital noise and find the right contact at the right time.
    • Connecting with the Customer –  Once the Trusted Advisor has used our proprietary software to identify whom they need to connect with, the next key component in the equation is How. FirstRain simplifies this process by automatically suggesting referral introductions based on the connections already found within their entire organization, leveraging LinkedIn’s massive connections database. 
    • Framing the Value Proposition – FirstRain takes all of the guesswork out of how and what to deliver to the customer by empowering the Trusted Advisors with rich data from over 700,000 sources focusing on both the market drivers and the buyer’s context. The ultimate selling tool to help your sales team close more deals faster.

In the future, the solution will be powered by a proprietary platform we are developing called Ignite BusinessGraph. BusinessGraph is designed to ingest massive amounts of unstructured external business news and social data, as well as structured and unstructured internal data that you can customize and control. With the innovative graph database technology at its core and coupled with the latest machine learning and NLP technology, one can traverse for relationships and pathways, allowing for meaningful information in a panel style presentation.

One Subscription: Unlimited Solutions

The Ignite Enterprise Performance Acceleration Platform is organized into 6 powerful suites with more than  50 proven software solutions. All are offered as a subscription, where as a customer, you have access to every solution in the platform as part of your existing single product subscription.

  • Predictive Lead Scoring (powered by Infer) – Infer is an artificial intelligence (AI) platform for predictive lead and account scoring. Infer increases ROI by prioritizing sales efforts on the leads/accounts that will drive the most revenue.

You can use Infer with FirstRain to dramatically improve closing percentages by focusing on leads that are ready to action.

  • News & Market Insight Digests for Customers (powered by Synoptos): Synoptos is a media monitoring and social insights platform. With News & Market Insight Digests for Customers, you can engage your audience with daily or weekly curated news and market insights emails. 

Pulling from a wide range of news, media, and social sources, you can easily create and distribute highly relevant email-based digests to your audience. This can prove very helpful when used with FirstRain.

Continuous Improvement of Core Solution Capabilities

Our team continually works hard to deliver the best customer experience. With this in mind, we have made excellent progress in the following areas for FirstRain:

  • Performance/Speed: We have refactored the codebase to improve crawling, indexing and search stability, and as well as enabling shorter response times. This has resulted in improved reliability, creating a much more pleasant user experience.
  • Quality Improvements: Our  team has provided more than 140 quality improvements, such as the API platform upgrade, Salesforce and Web UI fixes, improving notifications to new content, and many more related to the UI experience and source/results quantity and quality.

Our commitment to exceptional quality and highly reliable software remains top of mind for our engineering teams. 

We are continuing to help FirstRain users like yourself to maximize your utilization of FirstRain across teams and geographies, as it can provide so many benefits in different areas. This includes things like coaching and training, and tuning or customizing content and channels. We are also undertaking significant investment in technical and architectural planning as we map out our detailed journey toward our Trusted Advisor vision.  

We will continue to keep you informed as we progress on this journey!

Ignite: Business Software Reinvented

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