Infobright DB: A Look Ahead

IgniteTech has spent over a decade creating the world’s leading Enterprise Performance Acceleration Platform, and with this growth, we have developed long-term plans for each of our solutions. 

We are working hard to enhance Infobright DB so it is able to provide the most sophisticated and robust storage capabilities. We aim to achieve this through:

Amazon AWS 

The AWS infrastructure will allow us to create new types of storage capabilities. Currently, Infobright supports only local drive storage. By moving to the AWS infrastructure, Infobright will be able to support tiered storage–hot, warm, and cold. Warm and cold storage are a faction of the cost of local drive storage and allow you to store information for much longer periods of time. That way you can archive data for things like auditing or regulatory compliance without having to worry about driving up storage costs. 

Leveraging the Ignite portfolio to add new capabilities to Infobright.

For example, we are future oriented on the process of integrating Infobright with ScaleArc. The integration will allow load balancing across nodes. You’ll be able to add additional nodes, which not only improves performance, but reduces cost. As a result, you’ll be able to have substantially more users using the data. 

ScaleArc is the first of such integrations, but you can expect more as we continue to build upon our current solutions and add new solutions to the portfolio–which ultimately means more capabilities available to you at no additional cost. 

One Subscription: Unlimited Solutions

Organized into 6 powerful suites, Ignite’s platform includes over 50 proven software solutions, all of which are offered as a subscription, where as a customer, you have access to every solution in the platform as part of your existing product subscription.

System Log Event Data Warehouse (powered by SenSage) – SenSage AP is an Event Data Warehouse enabling better decision making with advanced data analytics and detailed forensics. SenSage AP allows you to collect and store data over longer periods of time – years or even decades – so that you can conduct faster, more sophisticated analytics.

Continuous Improvement of Core Solution Capabilities

In 2019 we focused on refreshing our PostgreSQL edition of the IB platform. We have since managed to upgrade the underlying engine to the recent 9.5.19 version – not only making the platform more modern but also faster and more reliable. 

We have also, in parallel, made sure to certify new operating systems, in particular Windows Server 2016, to enable our customers to move to supported and secure platforms.

Our focus this year has been systematic maintenance and ensuring the reliability of the platform. Thanks to improvements made in 2019, we believe a lot of our MySQL edition customers should be able to move to our PostgreSQL platform more easily and benefit from our refreshed DB. For those not yet on the PostgreSQL version, expect to be engaged via our Professional Services team to help them migrate their applications.

Ignite: Business Software Reinvented

Ignite is part of the ESW Capital Group based in Austin, Texas. We focus on buying, strengthening, and then growing mature business software companies. By taking advantage of our unique operating platform, we revitalize our acquisitions for sustainable success while making customer success a top priority.

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IgniteTech Unlimited is our groundbreaking, Netflix-style license model where every IgniteTech customer’s product license is a subscription to the entire IgniteTech Enterprise Solution Portfolio.

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