Need Help Creating a Sustained Stream of Engaging Content?

Running marketing for any enterprise is difficult. There are always competitive pressures, new marketing tools, so many projects and what seems to be never enough budget to create great content for all your identified personas and each of their buyer’s journey.

One key step we recommend is for marketers to take a moment to really think about how, and how much time, you are spending on searching for and creating great content. Are there other ways to focus your resources to improve your content creation?

User Generated Content (UGC) is an incredibly powerful tool that many enterprises are simply ignoring. According to the American Marketing Association, 85% of consumers find UGC more interesting than brand videos – so the question is, how can you take the first steps to start using UGC in your marketing?

Step 1: Find Content

First, one of the best ways to find great user-generated content is on Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. (Yes, that could be a team’s full-time job!) But a more cost-effective and time-efficient way is by leveraging a powerful UGC search tool – which helps you easily find the most compelling images quickly. At Ignite, we offer Chute, and one of our customers, who is responsible for digital marketing for a well-known hotel chain says that Chute helps his team find content “better than anything we could buy, and it resonates more than professionally-created content.”

Step 2: Save Money

Without an advanced AI-driven UGC tool, you would pay a hefty price for your images or would need staff to track down content themselves, not to forget to mention the work required to obtain and maintain approvals for usage of the images. Contrast that with using Chute – where after you’ve quickly identified the images (on social media) that you want to use, through the Chute tool, you simply request usage rights from the contributor. Not only will you be improving content, but you also have an auditable record for authorization for image usage (which will make your legal team happy too.)

Step 3: Incorporate Analytics

So you’ve now created some amazing campaigns with UGC. Social media users and potential clients are engaging, but what insights can be drawn? With Chute, you can leverage Instagram analytics, click-through rates, and the data you need to identify what works best for your audience and grow your business.

Step 4: Get Started!

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