ObjectStore: A Look Ahead

Over the last decade, IgniteTech has invested to create the world’s leading Enterprise Performance Acceleration Platform. With this growth, we have developed long-term plans for each of our solutions. 

We are building on our extensive experience as a company to leverage the power of the AWS stack to further enhance and reinvent our suite of software products including ObjectStore. By harnessing the power of the AWS cloud we are able to increase the extensibility and scalability of ObjectStore to provide increased value and utility for our customers.

Extensibility – First and foremost, we are continuing on our trajectory of higher quality and more customer-relevant Maintenance releases to create a more comprehensive and inclusive platform:

  • This past year, we spent considerable resources on enabling support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 and 2017, which is critically important for our C++ customers
  • We are now doing the same with Java, as we will soon be supporting the latest versions of Java (versions 8, 9, and 11). We will also be certifying alternative Java runtime engines (which are a fraction of the cost of Oracle).

Scalability – Next, we are focusing on applying the power of the AWS stack. Our choice of AWS as the “operating system of the future” for business application software allows us to create a leap forward in running, extending and scaling ObjectStore applications.

  • With regards to ObjectStore, the AWS infrastructure enables customers to have pre-installed, pre-configured, ready to activate machine images on Amazon. This allows you to deploy ObjectStore applications directly into the AWS ecosystem so that when you want to create an ObjectStore server, you can do so quickly and easily. 
  • Moreover, once you provision the servers, you will then be able to stack them and build a cluster of servers; which allows for scaling that, prior to AWS, wasn’t possible.

One Subscription: Unlimited Solutions

Organized into 6 powerful suites, Ignite’s platform includes over 50 proven software solutions, all of which are offered as a subscription, where as a customer, you have access to every solution in the platform as part of your existing product subscription. 

The following solutions are most popular with our customers:

  • Predictive Lead Scoring (powered by Infer) – Infer is an artificial intelligence (AI) platform for predictive lead and account scoring. Infer increases ROI by prioritizing sales efforts on the leads/accounts that will drive the most revenue (relevant to our ISV customers who are selling their software applications built with ObjectStore)
  • Emergency Notification System (powered by AlertFind) – IT network outages and their damaging effects are directly related to the time spent trying to restore the systems that are affected. In this scenario every second counts. Instantly reach out to your employees and key team members to have real time notifications of when the system goes down to get things back up and running as quickly as possible.
  • System Log Event Data Warehouse (powered by SenSage) – SenSage AP is an Event Data Warehouse with a highly scalable columnar data store at its core for massive collection and storage of system log events and similar time series data.  When used optimally, SenSage enables better decision making by powering more advanced data analytics and detailed forensics. SenSage AP’s highly economical approach to data storage allows you to collect and store data over longer periods of time – years or even decades – so that you can conduct faster, more sophisticated analytics.

Continuous Improvement of Core Solution Capabilities

In 2019 in conjunction with our maintenance effort to ensure a secure and reliable platform our main focus was to make sure ObjectStore can operate with newest technologies such as Visual Studio 2017. Heading into 2020 we made Visual Studio 2019 certified to work with our platform as well as added support for Windows 2019 operating system

Ignite: Business Software Reinvented

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