Optimize Your eEditions and Other Digital Publishing Projects

To ensure you’re getting the most value from your Olive Software investment, we’re excited to share the first in a series of tips to optimize your eEditions and other digital publishing projects.

Based on customer feedback, one of the most valuable features is OlivConnect. The OlivConnect interface allows you to custom configure many aspects of your publications:

1) Configure visual options within your publications, such as colors, styles, logos, and menu options.

2) Configure features such as text-to-speech, offline reading/download, screen magnification options, and the reader interface itself.

3) Configure paywall settings and advertising options such as ad locations, placements and networks.

You can access your options and analytics via OlivConnect’s main screen:

olivconnect screenshot

Throughout this blog series, we will dive into platform features and more, including case studies featuring your fellow successful Olive Software customers. Next up, we’ll detail the integration with Google Analytics that’s already included with the platform, and how you can leverage this knowledge about your subscribers and their reading behavior.

As we begin this exciting journey with you, please let us know if there is a specific topic that you’d like us to cover, and we’ll be sure to include it!