Sensage: A Look Ahead

Security and compliance have become increasingly critical functions for companies in nearly every industry. Driven by the digital transformation, organizations are running more applications than ever before. As new wide-sweeping legislation continues to be introduced globally, compliance pressure increases with more stringent requirements and serious penalties for non-compliance. And yet, it seems like every day there is another company in the news that has compliance issues or an outright data breach that needs to be effectively managed.

Having comprehensive event data logging and security event monitoring in place is table-stakes today for any company serious about keeping on top of their risks. But, effective options today for scalable, flexible event logging and security monitoring are somewhat limited. The cloud vendors such as AWS offer good native solutions for applications built in their stack. But these don’t help when you have applications spread across other clouds and mixed with on-premise apps. And traditional event data warehouses simply don’t cut it – they are not designed for today’s scale of data being generated and the diversity of applications they must support.

Our vision for SenSage is to build a fundamentally reinvented compliance solution, designed specifically for organizations that require a scalable, fast solution that supports a mix of cloud and on-premise applications, providing our customers with a single, reliable event data log with intelligence services layered on top.

Imagine a future where:

  • You can capture event logs from any application in any environment, so you have confidence that all events are logged centrally in the cloud, without incurring heavy in-house hardware costs;
  • You do not have to trade-off data lifetime and performance – you can have both for maximum value;
  • You can easily track your data and obtain insights using powerful on-demand dashboards and reports, powered by Amazon QuickSight;
  • Predictive models, driven by machine learning, can automatically identify anomalies and patterns that may represent risks that should be investigated.

We aim to achieve all this by transforming the core that makes SenSage a powerful on-premise solution today – it’s highly scalable, fast, and flexible Event Log Data Warehouse – into a reinvented native-cloud solution ready for the future. 

The transformation we are working towards will create a highly flexible and scalable solution that will massively change the total cost of ownership for our customers by eliminating expensive on-premise hardware. The strategy will also immediately enable new, best-in-class capabilities to be added, including Machine Learning and on-demand business intelligence, transforming SenSage into a proactive solution for logging, monitoring, and identifying events and security risks.

In summary, as we march towards this vision, our objective is to ensure that SenSage continues to be the leading compliance solution to help our customers:

  • Reduce compliance risk by providing a highly reliable, scalable Log Event Data Warehouse;
  • Increase the ability to proactively identify risks quickly, so security teams can take action and minimize breach risks;
  • Improve effectiveness of IT and Compliance teams by minimizing the manual effort spent querying and investigating, by providing a standardized, fast toolset to do so.

One Subscription: Unlimited Solutions

The Ignite Enterprise Performance Acceleration Platform is organized into 6 powerful suites with more than  50 proven software solutions. All are offered as a subscription, where as a customer, you have access to every solution in the platform as part of your existing single product subscription.

Below, we have provided brief overviews of solutions that are most popular with Sensage users:

  • Employee Emergency Notification Solution (powered by AlertFind): Ensure that you are ready to maintain reliable lines of communication with your staff during times of crisis, such as pandemics, natural disasters, or similar events. AlertFind is designed specifically to help organizations prepare for these critical times.

Continuous Improvement of Core Solution Capabilities

Our team continually works hard to deliver the best customer experience. With this in mind, we have made excellent progress in the following areas for Sensage: 

  • One of our major highlights in 2019 was our launch of a completely new UI, with a modern look and feel, a more responsive design to adapt to a wider range of screen sizes, and improved performance. This applies to the whole Analyzer UI with improvements to Analytics Workbench. 
  • We have refreshed all important components of the system to the newer versions such as JDK 1.8, Tomcat and other runtime frameworks. 
  • Our team has also enabled a very powerful REST API that now allows for better integration of virtually any aspect of the system with external systems, as well as makes SenSage more resilient internally to increase reliability.

We are continuing our commitment to strengthening SenSage for our customers. This year we are working on putting emphasis on helping our customers leverage the latest version and updates as mentioned earlier. Our next area of focus will be to improve the data collection layer, using the latest integration connectors and security protocols to ensure we meet our customer’s compliance and regulatory requirements. For example, currently our engineering teams are working on strengthening the connections to collect log data from Windows operating systems so we can provide that in our next version upgrade.

We will continue to keep you informed as we progress on this journey!

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