Why You Need Predictive Lead Scoring Now More Than Ever

Business has completely changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Organizations are managing disruptions, layoffs and challenges that come with the swift transition to remote work. To keep business going, companies need to focus on their buyers and not let potential leads fall through the cracks. That may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Predictive lead scoring can help your team navigate this time.

The Changing Sales And Marketing Landscape

Right now, marketing and sales teams are trying to adapt to the evolving business environment. It’s more critical than ever for these teams to have the right tools to support them. They need more information to understand and identify their best prospects. Otherwise, they could waste time on opportunities that won’t pan out and miss opportunities with prospects who are ready to buy.

The Benefits Of Predictive Lead Scoring

Companies can use predictive lead scoring to determine which prospects are most likely to convert, and which are going to have the biggest revenue impact. This capability also has other benefits that help organizations improve their marketing and sales processes.

Outpace The Competition

Buyers have access to more high-quality information about the solutions they’re considering than ever before. But the same isn’t true for sales and marketing teams. Often, they struggle to understand their buyers.

Traditional lead scoring strings together a series of best guesses about who your buyer is and when they’re in-market. This method doesn’t always provide your teams with accurate information.

Predictive lead scoring solves the problem. It uses machine learning to answer questions about buyers with accuracy. That way, your marketing and sales teams can understand what your customers want. This helps you keep up with your competition in a time where it’s becoming more challenging to get the attention of buyers.

Improve Sales Rep Performance

Infer’s predictive lead scoring helps you understand exactly who is ready to buy. It combines this information into a matrix that gives you a perfect roadmap for your sales team. Reps don’t have to wonder who to call next or worry about missing good leads. They can use this information to ensure that they’re always reaching out to the right prospects at the right time.

Get More From Marketing Automation

Infer leverages the full spectrum of activity data inside your marketing automation platform. It also assigns a predictive value to every action your prospects are taking.

This is becoming increasingly valuable, as 90% of B2B buyers now twist and turn through the sales funnel. They typically repeat one or more tasks in the buyer’s journey. However, using this technology, you can know which leads are likely to make a purchase in a set time frame.

Supercharge Your Sales And Marketing Performance

Understanding your buyers and their behavior is more important than it has ever been. Contact us today to learn how predictive lead scoring can help you grow revenue.