Firm58 Solution Expansion Provides New Personalized Market Intelligence Capability

AUSTIN, Texas — September 12, 2019 — Ignite Technologies announced today expansion of its Firm58 platform with a new capability to provide personalized, on-demand access to market intelligence for analysts and strategists across trading firms.

“News and market insights are mission-critical to trading firms,” said Davin Cushman, CEO, Ignite Technologies. “Information is moving faster than ever and the volume of information is growing exponentially. The new business intelligence (BI) capability can be customized by individual employee to deliver personalized insights to every role in a firm that needs to stay informed about trends and key news for their focus area.”

The new market intelligence capability provides

  • Market-centric analytics, and real-time competitive insights on markets, strategy, and competition
  • Meaningful detailed market trends and product insights to uncover new investment opportunities before the competition

The added market insights capability, powered by FirstRain, is available today as an incremental benefit at no additional cost for Firm58 customers with an active Ignite Firm58 contract.

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