Ignite Announces NEW Developer Edition for Tenfold

AUSTIN, Texas — April 9, 2019 – Ignite Technologies announced today the availability of a new Developer Edition for Tenfold, an enterprise application development platform.

Customers who value extensibility and customization beyond the scope of Ignite’s standard release path leverage Ignite’s Developer Edition to strike their own path forward at whatever pace and in whatever direction best aligns to their unique business needs.

Ignite Technologies Developer Edition
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The Developer Edition is a source code-unlocked version to which customers can subscribe with rights to create and run derivative works.

The Developer Edition is licensed on an as-is basis. Developer Editions are available within the scope of a customer’s existing license (e.g. number of users) or with expanded usage rights tailored to a customer’s specific needs for broader usage of derivative works.

With the Developer Edition, customers get access to the entire source code of the product. Instructions are provided for how to build/compile and deploy, as well as documentation on detailed engineering specifications of the architecture and design decisions taken to build the product.

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