IgniteTech Transition Announcements

AUSTIN, Texas – October 13, 2020 – Ignite Technologies, a leading provider of a wide range of enterprise software solutions through its unique “Netflix-style” subscription program and a division of privately-held ESW Capital, today announced a reorganization to support several internal changes.

Ignite’s CEO, Davin Cushman, who just concluded his 2nd 10-year stint with the broader ESW organization, has departed the company effective October 7, 2020, to pursue outside interests. Eric Vaughan, Ignite’s COO since 2017 becomes Ignite’s Acting CEO.

“After two decades serving in a variety of roles at the amazing organization that is ESW Capital, I’m ready to embark on new challenges. The success we were able to achieve during my last 10 years at Ignite is both remarkable and rewarding, especially in the last few years where our unique, Prime software subscription program really took hold and delivered incredible benefits to our customer base amidst the 2020 economic challenges many have faced,” said Cushman. “Eric served as my right-hand for the last 4 years and is very familiar to a wide range of our customers and their leaders, and I know he’ll continue to work with the leadership team to drive the Ignite customer base to continued success throughout these changes.”

Inspired by the changes, ESW Capital is using this transition to align certain Ignite products with other internal Business Units (BU) to drive better synergies across customer segments. Effective with this announcement, customers of the FirstRain, Synoptos, Salesbuilder, and Automotive Configuration Management (ACM) products will become part of the Aurea BU; customers of the Placeable and Prologic products will join ESW’s Avolin organization; the non-telco customers of ResponseTek will move to Zephyrtel, and the ScaleArc product will become part of ESW’s DevGraph affiliate. ESW frequently drives reorganizations internally to better suit the needs and demands of customers with particular verticals and demographics. Accordingly, all affiliates will work together to effect a smooth and seamless transition for all customers who are part of the change.

More details will be shared throughout the coming weeks from each Business Unit, however, in lieu of any announcements or additional information, customers should expect to continue to be serviced as they were in all regards with the same focus on excellence ESW is known for.

About Ignite Technologies, Inc.
Founded in 2000, Ignite is a privately-held company and member of the ESW Capital group of companies. Since it was reinvented on the heels of a senior management change in 2013, the Company’s mission is to help customers ignite the power of their workforce to drive better business performance. Ignite leads all its efforts with a sharp focus on a simple but challenging objective – 100% customer success – measured through the achievement of our customers. www.ignitetech.com