Knowledge Marketing Solution Expansion Includes New Surveying Capability

AUSTIN, Texas — August 22, 2019 — Ignite Technologies announced today expansion of its Knowledge Marketing data management platform with a new capability to integrate surveying to strengthen audience insights and experiences.

“Knowledge Marketing has long been a proven unified audience database that turns data into functional insights that drive marketing and sales,” said Davin Cushman, CEO, Ignite Technologies. “With the new surveying capability, marketers can now complement audience behavior and engagement data by capturing feedback and insights about how your audience feels, determining customer sentiment, and thereby establishing a more thorough audience profile to inform marketing and sales strategies.”

The new capability strengthens subscriber, content and event insights.

Subscriber Insights
— Establish regular audience “check-ins” with audience/subscribers
— Create “early warning system” for potential non-renewals
— Identify “promoters” and drive new engagement strategies

Content Insights
— Systematically capture feedback about content – articles, newsletters, podcasts, etc.
— Capture website/digital channel feedback
— Target certain campaigns and content toward promoters

Event Insights
— Capture feedback on-site to ensure attendee satisfaction
— Offer follow-up surveys, with sponsors and attendees — to capture ideas for the next event, and gauge likelihood for attendees and sponsors to return

The added audience insights capability, powered by ResponseTek and the Ignite Prime program, is available today as an innovation and benefit for all Knowledge Marketing customers with an active Ignite Knowledge Marketing contract.

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