NuView Solution Expansion

Integrate Employee Surveying to Strengthen Employee Insights and Experience.

AUSTIN, Texas — August 29, 2019 — Ignite Technologies announced today expansion of its NuView Human Resource Management System with a new capability to implement employee surveying to strengthen employee insights and experiences.

“Understanding employee experience is continuing to increase in importance to the C-Suite,” said Davin Cushman, CEO, Ignite Technologies. “Obtaining the voice of employees is a natural extension to optimizing customer experience, as employees are the front line to customers. With the employee surveying capability, HR leaders can contribute new valuable input into an organization’s strategy to accelerate success.” 

The new surveying capability strengthens insights and improves communication with employee relationship insights, listening posts and journey tracking.

Employee Relationship Insights

  • Distribute secure, recurring surveys to all employees to track overall satisfaction benchmarks
  • Control direct survey results access by department/manager
  • Analyze results to identify satisfaction drivers and opportunities for improvement

Employee Listening Posts

  • Provide an “Always On” set of digital suggestion boxes to ensure your employees know they can provide feedback anytime
  • Embed on your company Intranet
  • Utilize in-office posters/signs with QR codes

Employee Journey Tracking

  • Utilize structured surveys as part of your hiring process to enable efficient qualification processes (e.g., behavior surveys)
  • Assess effectiveness of onboarding (e.g., after 4 weeks)
  • Measure key investments such as training sessions

The added voice of employee insights capability, powered by ResponseTek and the Ignite Prime program, is available today as an innovation and benefit for all NuView customers with an active Ignite NuView contract.

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