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Automatically transform your print-first content into rich, interactive online content that can be delivered to your audience through multiple channels

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Olive Software

Olive Software is a digital publishing SaaS platform to transform print-first content into rich, interactive online content. It can be custom-configured with various modules to meet your specific requirements. Solutions include interactive digital publications, digital document archiving and interactive digital catalogs.

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Services to Support Your Success

Support Services

Customer success is our #1 objective, and that’s why we’ve created the Ignite Customer Support Program. The program includes three service tiers: Platinum, Gold, and Standard.

Ignite’s Platinum Support is the preferred option for our most active and demanding customers, as it contains the widest array of services and the highest prioritization for critical issue resolution.

Among a total of 10 benefits, Platinum Support includes:

  • Solution Health Check: Rigorous program assessment to review and evaluate key indicators of health related to usage, including assessment of your publications to improve audience engagement, advertising effectiveness, and subscriber growth.
  • Managed Upgrades: On-demand application upgrade to the latest available versions – ensuring maximum functionality and usability for readers.
  • Skin Configuration: Ignite experts enhance your ePublications’ look and feel through rebranding, recoloring and adjustments in order to improve your reader’s online experience and to help further engage and grow your audience.

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Kickstart Services

Ignite Kickstart Services are available for new customers to quickly get started with delivering the value of your new Olive Software solution to your organization. Kickstart Services include configuration and installation and are delivered by Ignite’s global Professional Services organization.

Customers choose Olive Software Kickstart Services to:

  • Optimize the Solution: Ensure configuration is aligned to specific goals of your organization
  • Accelerate Time-to-Value: Speed-up installation for fastest time to use and to quickly realize platform benefits
  • Limit Resource Requirements: Lessen or entirely eliminate added configuration and installation work from already stretched staff who are not yet experts on the new Olive Software solution

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Consulting Services

Maximize the return on your investment with Ignite’s Olive Software Consulting Services. From advisory and process consulting through implementation and support, our team of industry experts will ensure you get superior value from your technology investment.

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Enterprise License Agreement

Two new capabilities are now available to Olive Customers via the Ignite customer benefit ELA program, Prime.

Increase Audience Engagement with User-Generated-Content (UGC) Capabilities

The Olive Software digital publishing platform now includes user-generated capabilities to increase audience engagement in publications and on websites. The new UGC functionality provides the ability to embed subscriber-generated images for news and article enrichment and websites, that are sourced through social media sites.

Learn how Olive customers use UGC capabilities to increase audience engagement.

Capture Critical Reader Feedback with Subscriber Experience Monitoring

Subscriber feedback is important to understand satisfaction and trends that ultimately help drive retention and growth for publishers. The Olive Software platform now includes reader experience management capabilities to check in with new subscribers to ensure satisfaction, identify readers at risk, and identify expectations and content trends to inform strategic decisions.

Learn how Olive customers can capture critical reader feedback and improve retention.


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To learn more about how to ignite better business performance with Ignite Technologies’ solutions & services, please request a meeting with an Ignite Customer Success Manager.