We focus on Profitability and Cost Management solutions that combine process modeling, data integration, calculation engine and reporting into a complete solution for guiding a more profitable business. Intuitively designed for both Excel and web-based access, you will find no more complete and capable profitability and cost management software in the marketplace today. More importantly, you will not find one that so clearly and confidently identifies where you are making and losing money and why.

Business Benefits:

  • 20-40% of your customers or products lose you money, Ignite’s Acorn solution identifies which ones and why
  • Operating profits for all dimensions of your business can be viewed in one model
  • A unique validation approach that includes Operations (not just Finance)
  • Utilize a design and implementation approach that minimizes risk to ensure success
  • Implement in typically half the time of competitive solutions
  • Dive deep into scenario modeling and simulation / what-if capabilities


  • Flexible business modeling
  • Unlimited dimensions and transaction volumes
  • Single, unified model
  • Integration into heterogeneous data sources
  • Excel and internet based access for ease of use
  • Only solution that truly supports Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing (TDABC)
  • Rapid time to deployment based on methodology
  • Enterprise class security, trace back and audit
  • Pre-built and ad-hoc reporting and analytics
  • Multi-currency, multi-language
  • Multiple model versions, scenarios and time periods