Ignite’s ObjectStore Standard Edition is an object-oriented database management system for applications that demand reliable, transactional, object persistence and real-time data caching. It is the leading in-memory database for applications that demand high-performance, extreme scalability and real time responsiveness.

What’s Inside:

  • Advanced Technology: Instant access, rapid change management and lag free responsiveness for serious data volume
  • Versatility: Do what works for your developers with extremely flexible C++ and Java programming models
  • Cloud-friendliness: Scale your data for anywhere access
  • Object Orientation: Leverage the power of an OODMS to blow through the constraints of relational database systems

Key Features:

  • Stores relationship-centric models that power high performance data processing, analytics, and ACID transactions.
  • Dramatically reduce query latency for thousands of users.
  • Leverages in-memory caching and fast event data capture.
  • Enables developers to build custom, highly tuned data structures that make big data stores more usable and valuable.
  • Enterprise monitoring API that allows you to collect, store and analyze internal counters of Ignite’s ObjectStore.
  • Embedded installer makes it easier for end-users and distributors to install client applications.
  • Full readable stack trace on occurrence of a fatal error.
  • Automatic index management ensures that indexes on Java collections are always in sync.


ObjectStore Standard Edition Overview

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