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For Improved Availability and Performance

Even with modern databases that offer scalability and automated failover, you need a solution that extends those advantages at the application tier. Database load balancing software enables an agile data tier consistently across your environments, and it inserts transparently between your apps and your databases, with no changes needed to either. Ignite’s ScaleArc solution keeps applications working properly and functioning despite interruptions and switchovers at the data tier. And because of the deep integration with Microsoft SQL Server™ AlwaysOn technology and MySQL™ automatic failover, it maintains continuous availability for applications despite database failover and delivers high performance.

The Software Deploys Within Minutes and Enables an Agile Data Tier that:

  • Avoids application downtime, whether planned or unplanned - no more maintenance windows for database patching
  • Enables failover that avoids application disruption
  • Delivers instant scalability with no changes to the app or database


Enabling Zero Downtime for Apps in a Database Environment

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Customer Success Video: Dell

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