Versata BRMS transforms the way web-based applications are constructed and maintained— helping you keep pace with the rapid speed of business.

Our software and services can dramatically accelerate your enterprise application development efforts.

  • We automate critical business logic and business processes vital to today’s complex web-based applications, effectively replacing time-intensive hand-coding efforts associated with developing enterprise applications on any web or application server.
  • We make it significantly easier and less expensive to deploy and maintain web-based applications.
  • We introduce a common business requirements language both IT and business professionals can use to collaborate more effectively.
  • We encourage innovation and stimulate business managers, system architects, and application developers to collaborate – exchanging knowledge and experience in team-based environments.
  • We instantly update applications as business rules are modified.

Versata BRMS has helped hundreds of organizations deploy a wide range of enterprise and e-business applications. You’ll find Versata BRMS-built applications in a broad range of industries including insurance, banking, telecommunications, and manufacturing sectors.



Versata BRMS Overview

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