Company executives and marketers have more questions and less time than ever. As a result, technology is playing a growing role in supporting and creating marketing performance metrics, cross-channel attribution, media mix models and optimizations. Ignite’s marketing science, scenario-driven software, and tailored advisory services provide decision support to optimize marketing investments.


With Ignite’s ThinkVine scenario-driven software, users can easily test high-level changes to strategy and detailed changes to tactics. Designed to enable rapid responses to market changes—including external factors—the web-based software also provides anywhere, anytime access to authorized stakeholders. The software provides an agile way to manage and understand complex cross-channel relationships and multiple audiences.


Ignite applies innovative and patented algorithms that efficiently replicate the complexity of the relationship between the marketer and the consumer. The cornerstone of our algorithmic approach is our patented agent-based modeling framework. Agent-based (or audience-based) models are ideal for identifying how marketing influences different audiences.

Data Integration

Until data is properly integrated and ready for use, it’s an expense, not an asset. Ignite’s technology accepts and integrates a wide array of data, including consumer information, media data and external information such as weather and economics. As a result, Ignite’s customers plan and respond to changes with the very best information possible.

Insights to Execution

The longer the interval between insights and execution, the less valuable the insights are. At Ignite, we turn insights into rules to drive your execution. This allows you to operate in the future, not in the past. Utilizing these rules in your CRM program, programmatic buying platform and other tactics increases effectiveness and time-based competitive advantage.



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