Ignite’s SenSage AP is a powerful Event Data Warehouse (EDW) that enables advanced data analysis, detailed forensics and ad hoc investigations on a wide variety of data formats at very large scale. The only EDW designed specifically for event data, it collects and stores more data, from more sources, over longer periods of time – years or even decades – so that you can conduct faster, more sophisticated analytics.

Key Benefits:

Fast: Unlike any other database or data store, it does not need to re-calculate an index that spans an entire table back to the beginning of time. Our unique time-based storage methodology means there’s no penalty for storing more and more data. Add as many hard drives as you need. Your daily loads won’t slow down and neither will reports covering consistent timeframes.

Flexible:  It leverages open standards for querying data, with ODBC/JDBC drivers and ANSI standard SQL language. This enables sophisticated correlations with full precision, even on very large data sets and allows you to optionally use your favorite BI tool (Crystal Reports, Business Objects, etc.).

Secure: Data cannot be altered after it is loaded; this is a “read only” database with tamper-resistant features. In addition to having a single version of the truth, you gain more efficient use of processing power since there is no logic for handling transactions, no undo logs and no rollback logs.

Efficient: Column-based storage with built-in compression makes efficient use of disk space and up to a 40x better compression ratio than an RDBMS.

Comprehensive: It collects billions of events per day with a time stamp from any source, including 250+ source-specific off-the-shelf adapters for most common IT infrastructure systems.

Scalable: It has a Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) shared-nothing clustering architecture for near linear scalability on commodity hardware that can take advantage of thousands of cores of processing power.

It is not just a database. The product comes complete with data extraction technologies, business intelligence reporting and data modeling.



SenSage AP Overview

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