Ignite Technologies Announces Intention To Acquire Business Analytics Leader FirstRain


AUSTIN, Texas — June 5, 2017 – Ignite Technologies, Inc., a member of the ESW Capital group of companies, today announced its intention to acquire FirstRain, a Silicon Valley-based pioneer of analytics that provides sales and marketing intelligence applications based on its proprietary processing and presentation of unstructured data streams, across social, Web and other marketing channels. The anticipated acquisition is part of a pre-negotiated, Chapter 11 corporate reorganization with Ignite’s parent providing funding for the ongoing operations of FirstRain. Ignite and FirstRain will work together to plan a smooth transition for FirstRain’s employees and customers upon consummation of the potential acquisition. The companies expect the acquisition process to conclude in July 2017, subject to court approval.

FirstRain’s SaaS-based analytics solutions enable companies to gain actionable insights into their prospects, customers and competitors. By capturing the sea of unstructured data across the global and social Web and applying algorithms to the data to extract meaning, FirstRain’s solutions deliver an in-depth understanding of events and insights of activities across the array of seemingly disparate data.

“FirstRain’s leading-edge, analytics technology providing actionable insights for its clients’ sales and marketing teams strengthens Ignite’s portfolio of sales and marketing solutions,” said Davin Cushman, Ignite’s Chief Executive Officer. “The addition of the FirstRain solutions will be exciting news for the customers who currently use our ThinkVine marketing analytics solution, our new customers who joined Ignite as part of our April 2017 acquisition of Placeable, LLC, in addition to our other customers who could benefit from additional insights on the markets they strive to serve. With the close of this transaction, FirstRain will be available to all Ignite customers through our unique Ignite Prime program, a groundbreaking offering which provides free enterprise software licenses and standard technical support to our existing customers. Additionally, with the close of the FirstRain acquisition, Ignite will be materially expanding our foundation of sales and marketing solutions that Chief Marketing and Chief Revenue Officers can depend on to drive their business.”

“Ignite has a proven track record of buying, strengthening and growing the companies it acquires, and FirstRain is excited about the potential for our world-class teams to carry the FirstRain solutions and customers forward,” said YY Lee, Chief Executive Officer of FirstRain. “Through this acquisition, Ignite’s foundation of success and innovative programs, including their unique Ignite Prime program, extends the value proposition even further for FirstRain customers, now and into the future.”

Until the acquisition is finalized, Ignite and FirstRain will plan for a seamless transition and will ensure FirstRain customers are involved in the discussions of how FirstRain and Ignite can deliver improved value. Executives from both companies will arrange introductory meetings to ensure there is full transparency and understanding of the process to ensure successful delivery of the solutions FirstRain’s customers rely on. 


About Ignite Technologies, Inc.
Founded in 2000, Ignite is a privately-held company and a member of the ESW Capital group of companies. Since it was reinvented on the heels of a senior management change in 2013, the Company’s mission is to help customers Ignite the power of their workforce to drive better business performance. Ignite leads all its efforts with a sharp focus on a simple but challenging objective – 100% Customer Success – measured through the achievements of its customers. The Company launched its innovative, new Ignite Prime program in 2017 delivering free enterprise software to its licensed and supported customers. For more information on Ignite’s solutions and innovative Prime program, visit ignitetech.com.

About ESW Capital, LLC
Based in Austin, Texas, Enterprise Software (ESW) Capital has honed a finely-tuned methodology focused on buying, strengthening, and growing mature business software companies. By taking advantage of its unique operating and development platforms, ESW revitalizes its acquisitions for sustainable success while making customer satisfaction a top priority. ESW and its affiliated companies have been in the enterprise software space since 1988, and the group includes notable brands such as Ignite Technologies, Trilogy, Aurea, and Versata. For more information, visit eswcapital.com.

About FirstRain
FirstRain is an enterprise scale, SaaS Business Analytics technology platform that creates a real-time highly targeted information experience for enterprises based on their goals and initiatives. FirstRain interprets the universe of unstructured business information derived from the global and social Web and internal company data to deliver robust and highly intuitive end-user analytics that enable business professionals to make better decisions, get closer to customers, drive revenue growth and outwit the competition. Founded in 2000, the company's analytics engines extract meaning, create flexible relational structures and generate dynamic systems of data sets that are business aware. FirstRain is used by Fortune 1000 companies around the world and is user adaptive and able to serve the largest B2B enterprises across various industries as well as being integrated into leading platforms like Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft SharePoint and Dynamics and Dun & Bradstreet.

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